Return policy

The consumer, within 30 days of receipt of the product, has the right to cancel the purchase. Within 30 days of receiving the product, you must notify the webstore of your intention to cancel by email.

 The email should include the following points

  • I hereby declare that I am exercising my right of withdrawal with regard to the contract for the sale of the following product:
  • Date of receipt:
  • Name of consumer (s):
  • Consumer (s) address:
  • Date:

Product return

  • The product must be returned to the Web Store. This can be done within 14 days of the withdrawal being announced.
  • The cost of the return shall be borne by the buyer.
  • The product must be delivered to the location designated by the webshop. Contact customer service for the exact address.

Money refund

  • The price of the product and the shipping cost (not the cost of a return) will be refunded to the buyer within 30 days of the notice of cancellation. This means that for a webshop, the return of the price of the product and shipping costs may be withheld until either the product is returned to it or the consumer can unequivocally prove, for example, by sending a return to the webshop.
  • The webshop will refund the full price of the product unless the customer, during the trial, has used more than is necessary to test the properties of the product. In this case, we depreciate.
  • The money will be refunded in the same form.

There are some products that can only be returned in their original packaging and cannot be rescinded after opening:

  • sealed audio, video, software servers,
  • hygiene and health products (eg: underwear, toothbrush, sanitary napkin, ball deodorant,)




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